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 JR is an official  Kickstarter Expert  in the games category.

JR is an official Kickstarter Expert in the games category.

JR and Cody spent a weekend with Charterstone as I was gearing up to begin blind playtesting, and I’m so grateful that I sent it to them first. Their insights led to some foundational changes that saved me a lot of time and money in the long run.
— Jamey Stegmaier, Designer of Charterstone
The expert on legacy games. A no-brainer... listen, you want development, here’s the guy that can do it.
— Mike Fitzgerald, game designer and co-host of Ludology, while interviewing JR
JR, your play through is a wonderful, rambunctious sampling of the game! Bravo! Solo games can be a stale affair, but you’ve made The Queen’s Army anything but. Thanks for your fine work, my friend.

And I can’t say enough good things about Brian either. Brian, you are thorough, thoughtful and articulate. When you sent me a “Disperse Probability Table” and told me there was a ‘(1/n)+((n-1)/n)*(1/n)) chance that one of the Disperse cards will be drawn each turn,’ I knew I was in good hands. : )
— Mark Swanson, designer of Feudum