Graphic Design

Our main graphic design guy is Phillip Jenné. He's got a knack for that sort of thing. He'll take you through some of his work and process.


Andrew Federspiel of Knapsack Games designed a beautiful world that revolves around a game that feels like a magical cross between chess, tic-tac-toe, and memory, which hardly does it justice. It needed to be whimsical, mysterious and heavily feature the beautiful art of Eduardo Garcia. I was able to create elements and reuse some of his painted work to tie the world and game together into an immersive experience.

The cards were a lot of fun! We had to create an area for a diagram and text description of the power the apothecary possessed. We wanted to heavily feature the art, so we landed on the name floating over the artwork. 

Apotheca Logo

The logo was one of the early efforts and drove many of the style decisions. Andrew and I worked though several versions to finally arrive at "the one". In some of the early art sketches, Eduardo put the eye symbol in one of the card illustrations and it became a theme, one that we incorporated into the logo.

For the box I was able to use my 3D skills to a render true-to-size view of the components displayed surface. You can see the reuse of Eduardo's artwork with treatments against my created paper to tie everything together. Throughout the project my ability to test out the design elements at actual size proved useful when gauging shelf-presence and arrangement of the playspace.

Eduardo crafted beautiful potions but they needed a backdrop, something that felt right and could be used to tie other elements together. I created a worn paper texture that I could use in the rulebook, cards, box, and anywhere else we wanted to float illustrations or content. 

Shadow Over Westminster

Robert Huss, the designer of The Shadow Over Westminster had done some prototype designs for Cards Against Humanity Tabletop Deathmatch and had moved toward a skeuomorphism (mimicking an actual object in design or interface), I wanted to push that as far as I could. You can see how a lot of elements come together in the player card.

Shadow Over Westminster


The premise of NOVUS is you play as a commander of a faction leading their troops into battle. You must juggle your resources against the field of battle while they wax and wane based on what tactics and strategies you choose to employ.NOVUS is a deep card game similar to Magic the Gathering or VS. Each card has to communicate several pieces of information clearly, which was no easy task. We are constantly juggling the existing game precedents as well as trying to create something that feels new and unique. For example, the decision to place the cost in the top left instead of right was based on how most players fan their cards because of hand dominance and playing cards.

Caeran Imperium

Caeran Imperium

Enthirian Collective


Ereman Corporation


Ka'al Hive


Vayen Ascendancy


In addition to creating the branding for NOVUS, I also created a brand for each faction, which would be used in promotional materials, stories and on the cards themselves.


I was also able to do complete package design from all the inserts in the box to the branding on the dividers, indicators for morale totals. We found that most players tend to sleeve their cards and decided to shy away from individual tuck-boxes and go toward a more tray-like approach with dividers .

I also do 3D!