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The Design challenges of Legacy Games

Game developers conference 2018

JR talks at GDC in San Francisco, CA about Legacy design and development, and some of the trending approaches to specific obstacles in these types of games. JR was invited as a part of year two of GDC's tabletop design day, one of only a handful of tabletop designers present.

why you should play games more than once before you draw conclusions

JR talks with Eric Martin from BoardGameGeek.com at Origins 2016 about the benefits of discovering nuance and beauty in games by playing them more than once.

Referenced article: http://www.leagueofgamemakers.com/wrong-about-splendor/

LEgacy Games panel

dice tower con

JR delivered a panel on legacy game design, including delivering answers to questions asked of designers Rob Daviau, Matt Leacock, Jamey Stegmaier, Isaac Childres, and others. 

gen con 50 releases from restoration games

Man Vs Meeple studio

JR talks with Jeremy and David from Man vs. Meeple about Restoration Games’ releases and the Fireball Island announcement at Gen Con 50.

IGN interview about fireball island: THE CURse of vul-kar

PAX East 2018

JR was interviewed by IGN about Fireball Island, the Kickstarter for the game, and the 30-day road trip he took as a part of Restoration Games. The Kickstarter raised almost $3 million dollars in May 2018.