Design Retreat in St. Louis, Missouri

September 20-27, 2019


3400 square foot loft

This top-floor loft has enough sleeping space for 15, with a huge central room for working and playing games, and a separate dining room with two gaming tables. That means there’s enough room to keep three games constantly going! Click the link to see pictures of the loft.


st louis culture, food, and gaming

St. Louis boasts a robust board game design scene - with Stonemaier Games, Grey Fox Games, Genius Games, Greater than Games, and other companies all based around the city. That has a huge influence on the quality of local design groups, and that makes retreats here something special.

As an added bonus, Miniature Market, an enormous retailer, is a 20-minute drive away, for those folks who need a quick look at the “Ding & Dent” shelf for extra pieces!

map to location.png

Arriving via st louis lambert international airport (STL)

Check-in for the retreat starts at 4pm at the loft in St. Louis. The loft is about a 20-minute drive from the airport, so we’re very flexible in airport pick-up and drop-off times. Whenever you get here, we’ll get you!