Game Design & Development

JR and Cody spent a weekend with Charterstone as I was gearing up to begin blind playtesting, and I’m so grateful that I sent it to them first. Their insights led to some foundational changes that saved me a lot of time and money in the long run.
— Jamey Stegmaier, Stonemaier Games
The expert on legacy games. A no-brainer... listen, you want development, here’s the guy that can do it.
— Mike Fitzgerald, game designer and co-host of Ludology, while interviewing JR
Brian, you are thorough, thoughtful and articulate. When you sent me a “Disperse Probability Table” and told me there was a ‘(1/n)+((n-1)/n)*(1/n)) chance that one of the Disperse cards will be drawn each turn,’ I knew I was in good hands. : )
— Mark Swanson, designer of Feudum

Game Design Retreats

Waitress Games’ retreats will pull you into a weeklong design intensive that will bring your game to the next level, and then the one after that. Very recommended!
— Gil Hova, Format Ferret Games & Co-Host of Ludology
The Waitress Games Design Retreat was the most creatively rewarding experience of my career in board games. I gathered valuable insights for my designs and made some life-long friendships in the process. For anyone who is serious about becoming a better designer, this retreat is mandatory!
— Charlie Bink, Underdog Games
Professional people in a positive atmosphere. What better way to develop your game than to be stuck in a house with your peers thousands of miles away from home?
— Josh Van Laningham, Level 99 Games
Imagine leaving the world behind and joining a group of strangers who are as passionate about game design as you are. Then at the end of the week, you leave them as friends, who are just as passionate about each other’s games. That’s the Waitress Games Design Retreat experience, and I can’t recommend it enough for anyone that’s serious about taking their game to the next level.
— Mike Mihealsick, Coalition Game Studios